Top Tips to Jump Start a Great Mood

Your moods can either sap your energy, or fuel your creativity and drive, and they are yours to shape, if you do the right things when you sense a blah mood creeping in.

While you can’t feel like lollipops and rainbows 24 hours a day, if you find yourself feeling a bit uninspired, you can use these tips to push your mood reset button.

The first step is to move your body. Exercise is one of the fastest & most effective ways for you to change your mental state. You can even move if you’re at work – just head for the stairs (if you have them), or do some chair squats or dips.  Add in full body extensions, side reaches, and side to side lunges. You don’t need special equipment to do this, just a bit of floor space, stairs and a chair.

Really notice how the movement feels and how strong you feel. You can add a bit of a jump to your squats or extensions – just land softly. Do 10-20. Does that make you feel better? If not, do 10-20 more.

Your second tip is all about feeding your body the fuel that makes for a great mood. For this, you can’t beat a green smoothie, and actually any green smoothie will work. There’s amazing healing power in fruit and veggie smoothies! Consider blending leafy greens, strawberries & bananas with a little squeeze of lemon. Add ice and blend with  water or almond milk.

You can even combine these tips and do some jump extensions while your smoothie is blending, and when you’re done drinking it, you’ll probably feel fantastic and be “in the zone”!

Next time you start to feel down, just push your very own reset button!

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